Car rental

General requirements

Rent terms and conditions

Here is basic information on our terms and conditions of car rental.


The rates of hiring a vehicle without a driver include oiling materials expenses, maintenance, third party insurance, but do not include fuel expenses. A 24-hour rate means payment for 24 hours rental. If it has not been prearranged to prolong the term of the rental and the customer returns the car 1 hour late, he/she must pay for another 24 hours in full. If the renter needs to prolong the rent time for several hours, he/she must notify the company 6 hours before the deadline and in this case hourly rate is charged. There is a reduction in prices for a long-term rent of vehicles.

Renter’s liability

In case of theft, glass damage, fire and other harm caused by third persons or the renter him/herself to the car or the property hired out with it, the renter is liable for the damage according to the Car Rent Agreement. The renter is also responsible for technical and working condition of the vehicle in the period of rental according to the insurance agreement, Car Rent Agreement and car producer’s directions.
Renter’s limited liability in case of car damage, destruction and theft. For extra payment for the service, renter’s liability for car damage, destruction and theft becomes fixed and defined in the Car Rent Agreement.


The rate of the deposit is 1600-7000 UAH (depending on the car model); it is paid immediately after signing the Car Rent Agreement. The deposit will be returned to the renter as soon as the vehicle is given back to the company.

Renter age limit

Renter age limit is 21. The renter should represent his/here driver’s license issued at least 2 years before, passport and mentoined in section “Basic requirments”. The driver’s license should be valid on the territory of Ukraine.

Vehicle rental with a driver

For detailed information on car rental with a driver contact our Services Department Manager. See the telephone numbers above.


Cars are hired out with a full tank. When returned the car should also be fully tanked.

Traveling abroad

Going outside Ukraine is not allowed.


In case of losing of car documents or car keys the renter is fined 2500 UAH.

Attention! Your actions in case of a car accident:

It is always necessary to call the police or the State Car Inspection and inform the car rental company in cases as follows:
- an accident or vehicle damage;
- an injury or damage of the property caused by the third party;
- a suspicion of car theft, the theft of the whole vehicle or its parts.
In case of an accident, car damage, other incidents, injury, property damage or theft the renter is always obliged to inform the renting company at once and contact the police or the State Car Inspection.

For details see our Car Rent Agreement