Car rental  Zaporizhzhya


Car rental in Zaporizhzhya


A rental of auto is in Zaporozhia automobiles services

The economy class. For the business decisions, or journeys with minimum charges the lease of inexpensive autos, one can use Vaz group  that  will suite  ideally, or economy Geely Ckz with  a conditioner which will provide a comfortable  movement, even if Your auto is temporally under repair. 

Minivan of Honda FR-V with a spacious salon is a wonderful variant for family, small company, or for plenty of things.

Classics. Elegant and dynamic Nissan Almera and Geely MK will be the best in any situation, for the business meetings or even celebrations.. The automobile service stock is regularly updated    and consists of new autos, that we support in perfect technical conditions, taking away all pressures on the road.


Tariffs are traditionally flexible and depend on duration of rental. The same traditional discounts are for permanent clients. The cost of lease, including a term more than a month comes into a question additionally. Payment is in a comfortable for you method: the payment cards of different types are accepted, payments on account or in cash are also welcomed.

For the corporate clients

If Your company starts  an activity in a region or foundation  of  your own automobile service stock  takes  considerable charges on a transport on this stage of development  we  volunteer  a long-term rental service  .  The basic advantage is charges as at the operative leasing, but with greater flexibility. We will do replacement at breakage, road collisions or simply, when there is a temporal necessity for the auto of higher class. After completion of lease term, there is a possibility of bargain. We can buy any automobiles on your own initiative.

To the tourists

Zaporozhia is a large administrative, cultural and industrial centre of the South part of Ukraine. Name of «Zaporozhia originates from the famous Dnipro thresholds, that stretched from an island Khorticya on a 90 km upwards on stream of the  Dnipro river, which interfered with navigation.

Our city is about 1500 boulevards, streets, side-streets, areas, parks and public gardens. Boulevard of Lenin - one of the most prolonged highways in Europe. It begins at the railway station of Zaporozhia-1 and, crossing over the city, and comes to its end close to the walls of Dniproges.

Khortycia is a most island on the Dnipro river: his length makes 12 km, a general area is about three thousand hectares. Left-bank and right-bank parts of city with the island is  connected by means of the arched bridges, built on the engineer’s Preobrazhensky project.


Delivery of car will   considerably be accelerated by the previous reserving. It can be carried out through this site, or you can contact us directly. For permanent clients discounts are foreseen.